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Knitting Outside the Box

Knitting Outside the Box is part creative exercises, part insight into the design process. Bristol guides the reader (and knitter) through the techniques she herself uses as a designer to explore and push the endless possibilities of knitting. For any knitter who has mused on the question 'What if?', Bristol encourages an experimental approach, with her generous spirit and enthusiasm imbued in every exercise and explanation. Each stage of the book is complemented with a knitting pattern, which serves as an example of the methods explained in the book. Fifteen garments and accessories are paired with the most gorgeous of yarns. As with every Pom Pom publication, you'll recognise the attention to detail and excellence you know and love, the sumptuous, inspiring photography, and the quality paper. Their first hardback book, this is a tome that you can expect to grace a knitter's shelf as part of the reference cannon for inspiration and technique.