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Helping Hospice Patients

Good evening everyone,

We have a giving opportunity for you...Caris Healthcare (home hospice) is trying to bring a little joy, and comfort to their patients, by seeking donations of handmade items (knit, sewn, quilted etc.)

We know that you are prolific makers, who are up for the challenge.

Please tune into our our Bits and Bobs episode on Facebook Live, this Thursday @ 4.30pm.
We have a special guest, Sam Myers, he is the Volunteer coordinator with Caris Hospice locally. Sam will be available to answer all of your questions.

Bits & Bobs Live on FB, Thurs @ 4.30pm

Join us, why don't you!

Take care,

Here is a little information about Caris Healthcare. 
Caris Healthcare is a home hospice company that operates throughout Tennessee and South Carolina, with a few locations in Missouri, Georgia, and Virginia, as well. As a hospice group, we work with patients and their families in one of the most meaningful and potentially difficult parts of life, helping them to feel comfortable, valued, and cared for. More than just doctors and nurses prescribing medications, our team includes spiritual and psychological care providers, as well as a volunteer program to help connect community members with those most in need of support. Our goal is to make each and every patient and their loved ones feel seen, heard, and valued as human beings, whether that takes the form of a hand-made blanket, attentive and engaged listening, or simply being present with someone who really needs it.

Sam Myers, Volunteer Coordinator

Sam is originally from the Northeast, but moved down to Charleston after graduation from Yale with his master’s in 2020. With a background in working with religious communities, Sam sought a role that would allow him to continue to serve those who needed it most, while drawing on his years of experience both volunteering and managing volunteers. His vision for Caris’ volunteer program is for every patient and family member to have the community support that they need and to help destigmatize the end of life by bringing everyday folks into contact with those in hospice care.