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Would you like to work in a quilt/yarn shop?

You would? How about Wild and Wooly?

We are looking for someone very part time (1-2 days per week at the moment) for retail sales/customer care. As you know, we are a small, independent, niche business. We pride ourselves our stellar customer service, and personal, hands on assistance.
You must be willing, and able to uphold our high standards of customer care.

Preference will be given to those of you who possess some fabric/sewing/quilting/yarn/knitting skills. 
Prior retail and POS proficiency would be beneficial.
Social media familiarity would be preferred.

If you are interested please email: Tell us a little about yourself, and why this is the job for you.

Be sure to relay:
Who you are.
What your skills are.
What you can contribute to our team.
Your relevant work history.
Your likes/dislikes.
Why you would be a good fit with our crew.
Your availability.
Plus, any other pertinent information you would like us to know.

Thank you very much,